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Digital Events

Stream events and conferences live

Stream events, sales meetings, conferences or trade show appearances live! With our livestream and event broadcast solutions, we bring your event directly to your audience online.
Your visitors, employees or business partners experience the event on their PC, tablet or smartphone and can participate interactively via live stream, chat or online polls. And all this without having to be directly on site. After the event, your viewers will find the recording in a video-on-demand library.

Live goes Digital



Your stage for the web.

Unbound by place or location, your event can be realised directly at your company, in a congress centre, an event location or in our professional studio.

Speakers, presenters, interview partners or moderators are filmed with guided cameras, edited in a live control room and broadcast directly.

Alternatively, it is possible to record the entire event in advance and then present it to your viewers online.

We offer you a wide range of possibilities to stage your online event sustainably and transmit it securely.

Livestream Modules


Professional Player & Server Systems, Live Streaming, Live Recording und Transcoding


Password protection, encryption, subscriber registration and management, geo and IP blocking.


Chat modules, email, messages & links, downloads, VoD libraries, and social media integration.


Surveys, polls, participation ratings, and documentation and analytics tools.



Your viewers can experience the livestream in full-screen view. If you would like to integrate a chat, the participant chat can be integrated directly into the livestream. Would you prefer to receive feedback from your viewers via Q&A? That's no problem either and already integrated with us.



Presentations such as PowerPoint or Keynote charts can of course be displayed in the stream. This can be done in full screen view or also in a split screen - a split screen consisting of two different image contents with e.g. speaker and presentation.



The attractiveness of an online event increases when external live guests are added to the livestream, e.g. for interviews or Q&A sessions. We offer you the possibility to connect several different participants from all over the world to your online event.



Integrate conferences seamlessly into your online event. We offer you the possibility to integrate interactive conferences and meetings into your event in addition to the classic livestream. And all this without installing any software or plugins. Completely browser-based with easy onboarding.

Use Cases


Whether in the browser, on your smartphone, tablet or on your smart TV - stream shows and concerts live.


Expand the audience of your conventional event with on-site guests and spectators with online participants from all over the world.


Start active collaboration for companies, departments, clubs and associations or working groups with a structured agenda and favoured work tools.


Inform your customers or attract new ones with interesting webinars in your corporate design and direct participant feedback.


Complex online events with several action areas, interactive workshops and other online areas such as press rooms, VIP meetings or sponsor placement.


Product presentations live, hybrid or purely virtual. In your individual corporate design and tailored to you.


Gather your leaders or association members online and put your issues to a vote. 


Training of employees, partners or customers from all over the world - anytime and anywhere with simultaneous translation and interaction options.


  • A livestream expands your audience at your event.

  • You reach people who may not be able to attend a face-to-face event.

  • A livestream gives your event flexibility and location independence.

  • You can reach your audience worldwide.

  • Server-side transcoding allows your viewers to receive the livestream in different SD/HD resolutions and thus participate platform-independently, e.g. on their PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Provide your viewers with a VoD (video-on-demand) library to watch the event again as a recording even after the livestream.

  • Create accessible livestreams by including interpreters, sign language interpreters, or multilingual audio.

  • Interact with your viewers via chat, Q&A modules or social media integration.

  • Protect your livestream with personal links or access blocking via password protection.

  • We deliver your livestream in different resolutions from SD to HD in brilliant quality to the web.

Where can your viewers watch the livestream:

For the broadcast of your livestream, there are various options available for how your livestream can be shown. You have to consider whether you want to distribute your event as a public event via social media or whether your livestream should be displayed on your personal website.

To display the livestream on your own website, a player can be embedded on your homepage, or made available on a separate landing page. The player is programmed to work directly on any device, without the installation of plug-ins or any software. By transcoding on our servers, the appropriate transfer rate and resolution is selected for each end device, so that the livestream can be viewed optimally on each device. 

TCLG also offers a professional streaming platform, which has a sophisticated participant management, a variety of professional streaming and presentation tools such as chats, live polls, Q&A sessions, conferences in their own breakout rooms, feedback tools, integration of external tools, V0D functions and a detailed analysis and evaluation function. Of course, everything is DSGVO compliant with server locations in Germany. 

Alternatively, you can publish your livestream on social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Periscope, Vimeo, or Twitter and address your community directly.

Parallel playout on multiple platforms is also possible.

The technology in the background

An important component for the success of a successful and professional webcast is the right technology and experts who know how to handle it.

In addition to professional broadcast-standard camera and control room technology, we naturally also offer you the right audio technology for your project.  Handheld microphones, headsets and tie microphones as well as the complete audio technology on location and for the livestream are just as self-evident as an optimal illumination of the livestream studio on location. 

To send your livestream securely and stably to the Internet, we use high-end broadcasting hardware and software encoders with low latency and work with internationally established CDN providers.



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