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Liberation Concert - Artist in Residence at St. Ottilien Monastery

At the 2nd Liberation Concert of the AMMERSEErenade, the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra from Moscow, conducted by Maestro Vladimir Fedoseyev, and the soloist and pianist Elisabeth Leonskaja offered the guests an extraordinary performance.

The concert series is part of the Artist in Residence project; the awarding of such a "scholarship" honors artistic, journalistic and scientific work which, during a spiritual stay in the monastery of St. Ottilien, actively deals with the theme of liberation and the past and promotes the development of a living democracy. With composition, music, visual arts, photography, the word - to promote the culture of memory and the shaping of the future.

(C) AMMERSEErenade/Astid Schmidhuber

TCLG has been a faithful companion of the AMMERSEErenade since the very first day and was once again the technical service provider at the St. Ottilien Monastery for this unique concert, supporting the AMMERSEErenade with the appropriate event technology and know-how.


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