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Infiled AM8.3 MKII Pro: The next generation transparent LED system.

This transparent LED system sets new standards in terms of transparency, image quality and performance.

Key features of the Infiled AM8.3 MKII Pro:

- High transparency of 75% for seamless integration into any environment.

- Impressive image quality with high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle.

viewing angle.

- High brightness of >4,000 nits for brilliant images even in bright environments.

- IP 65 standard for outdoor applications.

- Improved performance with lower power consumption and longer life.

- Easy installation and maintenance thanks to the innovative design and revised


- Super lightweight with only 10.7 kg per square meter.

Infiled, AM8.3 MKII Pro, transparent led screen,

The Infiled AM8.3 MKII Pro is the perfect solution for:

- Shop fronts

- museum applications

- stage sets

- room dividers

- touring

- Trade fairs and presentations

- Other creative applications

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